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"Thee Eyes of Art"

‚ÄčRobin Griswold-Ott

Here I am styling some of my own works!! I know you are seeing many people with the same piece on, but so many times we look at a necklace and say "Yes it always looks good on a model, but I am not a model!" so, I put one necklace on many body types. All these different lovely ladies are like all of us.....human, this way you might picture yourself in these pieces of Art!

New works of Art to wear!

Here is the list of the materials I used for these works of art!

Sterling Sliver, coated fine cable for stringing beads and pearls, natural diamond chips, seed beads, natural variety of gemstones, shells from the coast of North Carolina and hand blown glass beads from ME! 

Each piece is handmade with a bit of fun.... the silver collars are hammered sterling sliver by me!!